Herdade do Touril is inserted in 365 hectares distributed by 5 houses, in rural environment, surrounded by nature and the sea.

Large spaces, few people, centuries-old paths by the sea for long bike rides or walks alone or with family, the immensity of the horizon…

Almost endless space… time that passes slower…

We have taken all measures to combat the spread of Covid  19 and are prepared to receive you:

. We have reduced our offer (available accommodation) to almost half of our capacity to ensure full response to all hygiene and physical distancing recommendations.

. We offer mostly accommodation with kitchenette (apartments and suites) with capacity from 2 up to 5 people, thinking about families:

> We offer items for your breakfast and fresh bread at the door of your accommodation every day
> Accommodation allows you to eat your meals in the privacy of your accommodation.

. All available accommodations have terrace/living area outside it, and direct access from the outside, minimizing superfluous contacts with other guests.

. If you choose to stay in one of the rooms instead, we offer breakfast, served at the table, with prior choice of options, ensuring the necessary physical distance between guests from different rooms (minimum 2 meters).

. We offer poolside dining service on prior reservation, but also sandwiches and snacks on request, with each accommodation having “its” table booked throughout the stay and ensuring proper distances between tables.

. Reinforced pool water treatment system, with constant and regular measurements to ensure maximum safety.

. We increased the distance between sun hats and loungers by the pool, to promote the recommended distance.

. Using information technologies, we have implemented remote online pre-check-in as well as check-out, minimizing the need for superfluous physical proximity interactions.

. We have implemented all the necessary measures to be certified with the Clean & Safe seal of Tourism of Portugal, namely:

. Intense training to our team on internal protocols and prevention
. Daily self-monitoring to our employees
. Compliance with all Health Authority standards and recommendations relating to Accommodation and Catering:

> Official Recommendations for hotels and accommodations

> Official Recommendations for restaurant and beverage establishmen

. Protocols for daily self-monitoring by guests

. Personal protective equipment for the entire team, as well as all guests who need it, as well as dispensers of antiseptic solution in the recommended locations

. Constant procedures and routines of disinfection of surfaces where guests circulate with appropriate cleaning material, reinforcing the team affects the task

. Strengthening the hygiene of utensils, using more disposable utensils, of single use

. Housing cleaning protocols according to the standards emanating fromHealth Authority

At Herdade do Touril it has always been part of our nature to appreciate your well-being, comfort and safety. We have always taken particular care of the hygiene and safety of the procedures, and of all spaces.

Compliance with these new standards is not an obligation for us. It is a duty, a human, ethical and moral imperative. Taking care of each other is the key to overcoming any adversity. This one, however challenging, is no exception.

Count on attentive staff that will make you feel that you have your second home at Herdade do Touril.